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Equipment List



48 channel API Legacy. 550b eq. Split console with a 26 channel monitor section. 32 mic pres. 16 bus. 8 auxes. 6 cue sends. 48 Neve Flying Faders automation Universal Audio 610 vintage tube console. 10 ch. Altec 1220 vintage germanium console. 10 ch. Spring Reverb. Limiter. Pro Tools HDX 48 i/o Lynx Aurora(n) converters Scully 280 1" 8-track Monitors: JBL M2 mains Yamaha NS-10 nearfields Trinnov Audio D-Mon monitor controller Hearback Pro 16 channel cue system. 6 mixers. Audio-Technica M-50x headphones.


Outboard Gear:

Neve 33609JD compressor. Stereo. Blackface 1176 compressor. Rev f. x2 Spectra Sonics 610 complimiter. x2 Disterssor. x2 DBX 160 VU. x2 Alan Smart C2 compressor. Stereo. Ashly SC50 Peak Limiter, Compressor. Gates Sta-Level tube limiter. Vintage. Gates SA 39b tube limiter. Vintage. Cinema Engineering 4031b passive EQ. Vintage. Limpander tube limiter, expander. Vintage. Harrison Series Ten mic preamps. x16 EMT 140 plate reverb. Stereo. AKG BX10 spring reverb. Stereo. Mic Mix Master Room spring reverb. Stereo. Ursa Major Space Station STT 282 digital reverb. Vintage. Klark Teknik DN 780 digital reverb. Summit EQP 200 pultec style EQ. Stereo. Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo.



Heiserman H251tube condenser Heiserman H47 tube condenser Heiserman H47 fet condenser. Pair Heiserman Type 19 condenser. Pair Sony C-37a tube condenser. Vintage. RCA 44BX RCA 77DX. Pair RCA BK5 Lauten Audio LS-208 Lauten Audio LS-308. Pair Geffel M582 tube condenser. Pair Geffel M692 condenser. Pair Beyer M88. Pair Shure Unidyne iii. x3 Shure Beta 52 Shure SM7. Vintage Sennheiser 441 EV 665. Pair Altec Saltshaker Cascade Fathead. Pair Radial Pro DI. x2

Instrument List

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Gibson J50 acoustic 2 Yamaha FG-75 acoustic. One is Nashville tuned. Gibson SG Fender Telecaster Fender Stratocaster Rickenbacker 330 Danelectro  Fender Mustang Bass Silvertone Hornet Bass

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Baldwin grand piano Wurlitzer spinet piano Wurlitzer 200a electric piano Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano Hammond A100 with Leslie Baldwin Fun Machine Roland Super JX Korg DW 8000 Yamaha DX 100 Jamar toy piano



Ludwig Downbeat 1960 Ludwig Butcher Block 1972 Large collection of vintage Zildjian cymbals Various percussion instruments

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